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Lighten Up With…
Intimate Area Bleaching


Intimate Area Bleaching

Intimate Area Bleaching, will correct Vulvar hyper pigmentation or darkening of the skin caused by an increased concentration of melanin, which can occur in response to certain medical conditions, medications, and physical irritation. It can affect self-confidence and also sexual health.

While it could be seen as a superficial, perhaps unnecessary procedure, darkened skin can have a hugely negative impact on women’s confidence. “Genital bleaching allows women to regain confidence they may have lost due to darkening genital skin.

Treatments include the application of various chemicals that lighten and soften the affected area, lightening peels to resurface the skin, and the latest generation fractional CO2 laser or a combination of the above.

The  Intimate Area Bleaching procedure takes place over three or more sessions (depending on the severity) of laser therapy lasting 10 to 15 minutes per session. This procedure is done in the consulting rooms and is performed using local anaesthetics. The laser therapy can then be augmented by chemical treatments and home-use application creams.

Almost anyone can get a Intimate Area Bleaching but Dr Leneque Lindeque will help you determine if this is the best procedure for you.

intimate area bleaching Intimate Area Bleaching Intimate Area Bleaching

Reasons for this procedure

  • Self Confidence

  • Unsightly Genitalia

  • Effects Of Aging

Benefits for this procedure

  • Aesthetic Correction

  • Increase Intimacy

  • Boost Confidence